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Yolanda Martinez holds a candle with a photograph of one of the 43 student teachers missing from the normal school in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero. A candlelight vigil was held in Pilsen on October 17th.
William Camargo/The Chicago Reporter
  • People hold signs with messages of love to Karen Lewis after she had an emergency surgery, for what now is known is a cancerous brain tumor. The action took place on October 9th at King College Prep High School. News also broke out that she will not be running for mayor in the upcoming election.
Photo by: William Camargo
  • TCR Talks: The economics of black power | The Chicago Reporter

"One of the problems with the Civil Rights movement was that economically, blacks did not control their own movement.  A lot of the fights we have to fight – health, education, social services – we can’t fight these fights without a base.  We must have a self-sustaining and economic base.  It will eliminate violence in the black community." — Mark Allen, chairman of National Black Wall Street Chicago